Michael Videtta, Business Development Manager at Temple Knight

Michael Videtta joined the Temple Knight team this month as Business Development Manager. With over 40 years of printer and copier industry knowledge, Michael’s focus is to work with new and existing customers to find a bespoke Managed Print Solution to fit their business.

We sat down with Michael to ask him a few questions about his role and his future plans.

What does your role as Business Development Manager involve?

My role is to work with new and existing customers to assess their print strategy throughout their establishment. By working together, I propose a bespoke Managed Print Solution that is more cost effective and streamlines their processes to make them more efficient.

What are you most looking forward to doing in your role?

My role is predominantly service-led so I’m looking forward to introducing myself to the many customers who are in the cycle of repairing their outdated and expensive printers. I want to help them find a solution that most suits them.

By teaming with us at Temple Knight, we can offer a complete solution option. I enjoy making sure our customers aren’t over paying for what is an essential service in their business.

Tell us about previous relevant roles

Having been in the photocopier and printer industry for many years, like Temple Knight, I have seen many changes. I’ve had the pleasure of learning about new technologies from the start of my career as an apprentice and then as an engineer fixing these solutions.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked closely with customers to provide the right print solution that fits their requirements, with the aim to reduce the total cost of ownership.

I see myself as a consultant, using my extensive experience to assist and guide customers to find the options, that will give them increased efficiency and improved document workflow around their business.

You mentioned you’ve been in the industry for 40 plus years, what do you enjoy most about this industry?

I first started in this industry as a trainee engineer and from there progressed to Sales Manager. During this progression it became very clear to me that I gained most joy in interacting with our customers and building relationships. I also really enjoy the challenge of finding a solution that satisfies their needs and saves their organisation money!

What well-known manufacturers have you worked with or for?

Having worked in various roles and differing positions I have gained a wealth of knowledge across nearly all manufacturers in the UK marketplace.

There are particular models that I prefer to offer customers and this is based on their requirements. For example, if long service intervals are important I would suggest Kyocera or UTAX, if security is big on the agenda I might recommend Xerox and if it is a mixed fleet deployment across multiple sites I might consider running costs and uniformity of equipment.

However, the great thing about Temple Knight is our ability to provide and fully support any multifunctional printer and software solution available. It is very much steered by needs.

What do you like to do outside the office in spare time?

Being Italian it wouldn’t be stereotypical to say I take pleasure in cooking and eating, as long as it is for family and friends who appreciate rich flavours and ingredients.

To burn off all this delicious food, I enjoy playing a few rounds of golf (not straight after one another) and being a member of a local course in High Wycombe. I am trying to improve my handicap and stay out of the rough.

Wycombe Heights Golf Course

Welcome to the team Michael!


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