Printer tips from Adam

I work in the Service team here at Temple Knight as the Associate Service Director.

I started my career in 2008 as a Trainee Engineer, where I progressed to Field Service Engineer and spent many years on the road installing and repairing machines at customer sites.

Since then I’ve explored different roles, from Junior Office Administrator to Purchasing Assistant to Service Manager. Within these roles I gained management skills as well as mastering how to make the perfect cup of tea!

As Associate Service Director, I’m the first line support for all our customers.

I’d like to share some useful tips for helping you get the most out of your printer:

Tip 1: Fan your paper

Tip 1: Fan your paper

Fanning your paper before it is inserted into your printer loosens the sheets and helps prevent the paper jamming as they are fed through the machine.

Tip 2: Shake your toner

Tip 2: Shake your toner

Shaking your toner cartridge before use loosens the toner powder inside. This allows for maximum printing output to be reached.

Tip 3: Keep you machine well ventilated

Tip 3: Keep your machine well ventilated

Each machine has multiple vents which prevent your printer from overheating, make sure it’s situated in a ventilated area where air can circulate around it. This prevents overheating and damage to internal parts of your machine.

Tip 4: Replace waste toner

Tip 4: Replace waste toner

It’s important that when your machine notifies you that the waste toner cartridge is full,that it is replaced with a new one instead of emptying it. This is because the worm drive (which pulls the waste toner down the bottle) can be broken whilst the cartridge is being emptied, causing a backup of waste toner and problems inside your machine.

Tip 5: Adjust paper guide

Tip 5: Adjust paper guide

When loading paper in paper trays, make sure the paper guides are adjusted to suit the size paper inserted. This will help prevent the paper moving when being fed through the machine, preventing it jamming and maintaining print quality.

I’ll be sharing more tips during the month, so look out for our updates on Twitter and Instagram.

By Adam Payne


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