What to expect from a Managed Print Service provider?

Multifunctional printers play an important role within the digital transformation of businesses by making processes more efficient and increasing staff production levels.

With more companies now rethinking how their print environment is managed, it is important to find the correct print solution to suit your business requirements.

What should your Managed Print Service (MPS) provider deliver?

Value for money

The key factors of a Managed Print Solution are to ensure that you are getting the maximum value from your print environment and streamlining workflows.

Your MPS provider will consider what machines you currently have; how often they are used; the volume of printing and how quickly ink/toner is being replaced. These factors will provide the information to the MPS provider as to your current cost per copy and highlight where cost savings can be optimised.

Service Support

Your MPS provider will need to deliver consistent service support so your business needs are met. Whether it’s from ensuring there is always someone to answer the calls, to document printer breakdowns, to providing a quick response repair to get you back up and running again.

Another option to consider is the monitoring and management of printing supplies such as toner cartridges. There are many software options to ensure that printer toner levels are monitored and replacements sent out automatically when toner levels are running low, eradicating the stress of hearing “the printer is out of toner”.

Document Security

Ensuring that confidential documents remain secure once sent to the printer can often be a concern for businesses. Depending on your company requirements, your MPS provider should be able to suggest software options to ensure document protection is maintained and compliant with GDPR. Pin release software requires staff to enter a pin code to release print jobs, removing the risk of confidential documents being left on the printer tray.

Printing Reports

It is important you know how your print environment is performing. A Managed Print Solution provides the ability for you to download reports, providing the all-important breakdown of the staff printing volumes and the costs to do so. The reporting function provides a printing overview, allowing you to stay in control of your printing costs.

With the right MPS provider, you’ll be able to trust you’re getting the most from your print solution and offer you reassurance so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

If you are considering a Manged Print Solution for your business, then contact our Solutions Team to discuss your requirements.


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