How printer management software can benefit your business

Do you ever get impatient waiting for documents to be printed? MyQ can save you time and money by helping to manage and control your office printing.

What is MyQ?

MyQ is a printer and copier management software that allows companies to control their printer and copier expenses and increase the efficiency of their machine.

Why would you use this software?

Have you ever been frustrated waiting at the office copier for your printing, especially when you’re working to a tight deadline? MyQ software automates the document flow and eases admin tasks by allowing the user to print all documents they require from the machine at one time. This increases work flow speed and ultimately saves time and money.

Can I use MyQ with my machine?

MyQ supports all major brands including Utax, Kyocera, Ricoh, Xerox, HP and many more.

What makes MyQ different from other printer and copier management software?

The main feature of the MyQ application is monitoring, reporting and administration of printing devices; print, copy and scan management. It also offers access to the printing service via the MyQ mobile app.

MyQ printer and copier management software

MyQ is unique as it incorporates 7 different solution modules with simple set up, training, and day to day operations and maintenance:

  • Device Management – monitoring of network and printing devices
  • System Management – accounting of print, copy and scan to users, projects or groups
  • Print Management – print workflow and scripting
  • Scan Management – single click scanning processes and workflow
  • Service Management – consumable and service billing
  • Mobile Print – simplified printing from smartphones and tablets
  • Authentication Terminals – wide range of ID card readers

What are the benefits of using MyQ?

The biggest benefit MyQ offers is that it makes everyday tasks easier for staff within your company, and boosts effectiveness and productivity.

It also helps to reduce printing expenses as you can delete print jobs if they’re not printed within an allocated time frame. This reduces unnecessary printing and paper waste, making it more environmentally friendly.

MyQ allows you to run reports, so you can easily see overall print costs as well as the amount each staff member is printing.

The print and copy controls and network device monitoring maximise file security which boosts user confidence. The user must manually release the print jobs from the machine for the documents to print. This makes sure that no documents are left on the printer and keeps documents confidential.


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