November printer tips with Adam

Each month I like to share my useful tips for helping you get the most out of your printer. Read my latest printer tips for November:

Replace toner when your printer asksTip 1: Replace consumables when machine asks

Make sure you replace toner cartridges when the machine asks, otherwise it causes additional wear to other parts.

Use OEM products where possible

Tip 2: Use OEM products where possible

By using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products you will help to optimise your printer’s functionality and prolong the life of your machine.

Keep machine in warm environmentTip 3: Keep machine in warm environment

Ensure the environment where your printer is situated is consistent, as extreme changes in temperature can cause condensation to build up inside the machine, causing copy quality issues.

Waxed packaging protects paper from becoming damp Tip 4:  Waxed packaging protects paper from becoming damp

Ensure your paper reams have wax coated packaging as this helps protect the paper inside from absorbing moisture and becoming damp, which can cause paper jams.

Load A3 paper in cassette 1 to reduce risk of paper jamsTip 5: Load A3 paper in cassette 1 to reduce risk of paper jams

Load your A3 paper into paper cassette 1 of your printer as this has the shortest path for paper to travel and will help prevent the risk of paper jams.

I’ll be sharing more tips during the month, so look out for our updates on Twitter and Instagram.

By Adam Payne


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