October Printer Tips from Adam

I work in the Service team here at Temple Knight as the Associate Service Director and I’m the first line support for all our customers.

Each month I like to share my useful tips for helping you get the most out of your printer:

Remove all packaging

Tip 1: Remove all packaging

Ensure all packaging (including the toner seal) has been removed from your new toner cartridge before inserting; otherwise the printer will not be able to detect that the new toner is in place.

Print from mobile devices

Tip 2: Print from mobile devices

With wireless print you can send print jobs from mobile devices such as phones & tablets direct to your printer.

Tip 3:  Close document feeder

When copying or scanning from the platen glass keep the document feeder closed, as light can affect the copy quality.

Remove paper jams in direction of paper travel

Tip 4: Remove paper jams in direction of paper travel

When removing a paper jam, make sure you pull the paper in the direction of paper travel. This helps to reduce the risk of breaking sensor arms within the machine and to stop the paper tearing or small pieces getting stuck inside.

Increase border size when printing full colour documents

Tip 5: Increase border size when printing full colour documents

Increase the border size around the image when printing photos or posters, to avoid the paper sticking to the rollers in the fuser as it passes through and bonds to the paper.

I’ll be sharing more tips during the month, so look out for our updates on Twitter and Instagram.

By Adam Payne


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