Reduce environmental footprint with a Managed Print Service

It’s estimated that the average UK office worker prints up to 45 sheets of paper a day[1] ,with two-thirds of that considered to be waste or unnecessary printing. We are all guilty of misprinting documents or printing too many copies and over time the cost and environmental impact starts to add up!

One way businesses can look to improve their environmental footprint is a Managed Print Service. A software package which allows you to control and monitor your business printing.

We looked at ways that a Managed Print Service can help:

Reduction of unnecessary printing – User can select print release methods using touchscreen panel to print all jobs in queue, release job-by-job or delete duplicate jobs sent in error.

User group options – Options to set colour; greyscale and duplex printing by user group to control paper and toner ink usage.

Toner monitoring – Software to monitor the ink toner levels and order replacements as and when required. This reduces toner wastage and cost.

System management – Run reports to see individual staff member printing habits as well as overall printing costs.

Energy saver mode – When your device is going through a period of inactivity it will automatically go into energy saving mode or sleep mode to conserve energy.

Digitisation – Create automated workflows to scanning destinations such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, reducing the requirement for paper copies.

If you’re looking to reduce your printing waste and want to save time and money, then call our Sales & Support team on 0800 142 2737 to find out how we can help.

[1] Kyocera Rethinking printing Environmental survey 2011, Loudhouse


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