Utax and Temple Knight

Back in 2012 we began searching the market for a new manufacturer to partner with. Up until this point, our main sales focus was on refurbished photocopiers, as that is what our customers required at the time.

As with all things, times change and we saw a shift towards new equipment. Prices were starting to drop and more companies were looking towards print management solutions that required the latest and greatest equipment to achieve a lower cost per copy.

During our search for this new partner, we considered many brands. All had their own positives but there was always something missing. At this point we were approached by the team at Utax. Utax are a German company who sell their products in over 40 countries across the globe, and are owned by Kyocera who are also another big name in the photocopier industry.

After a few initial meetings, it became clear that our businesses were aligned with the same focus on delivering the right product, with a key emphasis on customer service and after sales support. Within a few short months and some intensive training for our engineers, we began supplying the Utax brand to our customers.

We have been amazed with quality of the products and how robust they are. The long service intervals and modular parts design means that keys components are changed as complete units, which makes them more reliable and most importantly our customers experience less downtime. Behind the sales team at Utax there is a technical team who specialise in after sales support. This team are always on hand to help us with any specific requirements that our customers have, and on serval occasional have even visited our customers with our engineers.

For Temple Knight, the partnership with Utax has allowed us to supply a great product that we know is reliable, while remaining price competitive against other brands, and having an experienced manufacturer technical team on hand when we need them to support our customers.


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