Why do offices have one multifunctional printer rather than multiple printers?

It’s common for businesses to have multiple printers located within their departments. Each printer having its own purpose for the staff in the office.

However, by having multiple printers comes multiple costs, such as running, servicing and repair.

Businesses are starting to look at reducing these costs by having one multifunctional printer (MFP) that can serve multiple business requirements, such as the ability to scan to email and folder, duplex printing and finishing.

We looked at the benefits of having one multifunctional printer rather than having multiple printers across the office:

Initial set up:

The initial set up costs are cheaper with only one MFP, as there is only one driver and software outlay cost. Also, software related computer issues are reduced as only one printer software is required, rather than each printer having its own.

Cost savings:

By reducing the number of printers within your office, instant savings can be made e.g. not having to purchase a set of toners for each machine as you only need toner cartridges for one machine.

Print control:

With the help of Print Management Software, businesses will be able to have control of their print environment. This includes downloadable reports which provide an overview of how much and what their staff are printing.

Therefore, having one MFP within your business can bring advantages to both employer and employees.

If you would like to discuss your printing requirement or Print Management Software, please contact our Solutions Team.


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