How to keep business information GDPR compliant

Security breaches are constantly in the news. From hacks, to breaches to identity theft, it’s an ongoing challenge to secure your information. So when GDPR was introduced 12 months ago, it definitely changed the face of business security forever. With all the complications, additional responsibility and legislation, it’s mainly a positive direction for the protection […]

9 Beneficial Features Of A MyQ Printing Solution

MyQ Solution is a print management software that makes everyday printing tasks easier for everyone in your organization, allowing you to do more in less time. The flexibility of MyQ Solution allows you to use only the features you need e.g. scan to email, with the option to expand your print environment easily when it’s […]

How printer management software can benefit your business

Do you ever get impatient waiting for documents to be printed? MyQ can save you time and money by helping to manage and control your office printing. What is MyQ? MyQ is a printer and copier management software that allows companies to control their printer and copier expenses and increase the efficiency of their machine. […]