October Printer Tips from Adam

I work in the Service team here at Temple Knight as the Associate Service Director and I’m the first line support for all our customers. Each month I like to share my useful tips for helping you get the most out of your printer: Tip 1: Remove all packaging Ensure all packaging (including the toner […]

Questions with Simon Chapman, Managing Director at Temple Knight

Simon started at our family run company at 18 years old, where he began his career as an Engineer. Since then he has progressed to Managing Director of Temple Knight and spends his days overseeing all aspects of the business. We sat down with Simon to ask him a few questions about how it all […]

Why do offices have one multifunctional printer rather than multiple printers?

It’s common for businesses to have multiple printers located within their departments. Each printer having its own purpose for the staff in the office. However, by having multiple printers comes multiple costs, such as running, servicing and repair. Businesses are starting to look at reducing these costs by having one multifunctional printer (MFP) that can […]

Printer tips from Adam

I work in the Service team here at Temple Knight as the Associate Service Director. I started my career in 2008 as a Trainee Engineer, where I progressed to Field Service Engineer and spent many years on the road installing and repairing machines at customer sites. Since then I’ve explored different roles, from Junior Office […]

How printer management software can benefit your business

Do you ever get impatient waiting for documents to be printed? MyQ can save you time and money by helping to manage and control your office printing. What is MyQ? MyQ is a printer and copier management software that allows companies to control their printer and copier expenses and increase the efficiency of their machine. […]

Hola to a Spanish insurance job

My job often takes me and up and down the country, but this was the first time I was needed in Spain to assess an insurance claim. One of the services we offer is a bespoke insurance assessment service. This is where we work with insurance companies to assess the machines against the claim made. […]